Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy

To fulfil requirements in the public sector under the C.S.R scheme in systematic and energetic ways, the company allotted Kyat 30 million (Kyat Thirty Million) in 2019 (Mini Budget) year. Aims and objective in social consciousness of this allocated budget are to be used in the following areas;

  • To donate necessities to the Social Welfare Organization such as NGO and INGO organizations.
  • To provide medical and PPE supplies for health care units.
  • To assist with educational materials to various welfare or public schools.
  • To participate in blood donation activities by the employees.
  • To engage in tree planting activities for the conservation of the environment.

Proven company Managing Director is currently fulfilling duties as chairman of Yangon Region Young Entrepreneur Association (YRYEA) and also the chairman of Yangon Automotive Components, Spare Parts and Accessories Association (YACSAA). Furthermore, he also took executive committee member responsibilities at Myanmar Young Entrepreneur Association (MYEA) and Myanmar Industry Association. Finally, he also took on the position of general secretary at Myanmar Barcode Association as well.

Tree Planting for “Save Trees, Clean Air, Save Earth” (Mya Shwe Pin Thaddama Thuka Yeiktha/ Pearl Myoe Thit) 3rd August 2019


Proven Group of companies embraces the following standards:

Our products are empowering Myanmar,
as they can deliver and support
Automobiles & motorbike and lighting
anywhere which will benefit to everyone.

  • Estimate 10-15% of automotive and
    lighting battery users are using Toyo
    & Lion Battery.

  • We are supporting 2000+ of clients.

Enabling Myanmar economic
development is essential and Proven
Group of Companies provides the
solutions to build a better Myanmar.

  • 700+ people are working for our

  • 62 people were promoted in 2019 to assume more responsibilities.

  • We recruited 378 people in 2019.

Tackling corruption and contributing to
building sound public services are critical
for Myanmar future.

  • Zero-tolerance approach to

Proven company works closely with its
main stakeholders to develop a sound
business working environment.

  • Proven is supporting different
    organizations across Myanmar.


Our performance is summarized in the following table. For each KPI, we indicated its scope, its value and the mapping with the GRI Standards. For the time being, our data are not audited by a third-party.

HRHeadcountFullNumber734GRI 102SDG 8
HRNumber of maleFull%75%GRI 102SDG 8
HRNumber of femaleFull%25%GRI 102SDG 8
HR18 to 30 yearsFull%69%GRI 102SDG 8
HR31 to 59 yearsFull%30%GRI 102SDG 8
HR60 years and aboveFull%1%GRI 102SDG 8
HRManagers (5.04%)FullNumber37GRI 102SDG 8
HR% of female managersFull%32%GRI 405SDG 8
HRSenior Staff (4.63%)FullNumber34GRI 102SDG 8
HR% of female senior staffFull%47%GRI 405SDG 8
HRStaff (77.66%)FullNumber570GRI 102SDG 8
HR% of female staffFull%21%GRI 405SDG 8
HR% of short-term contractFull%1%GRI 102SDG 8
HRNumber of training hoursFullNumber1,493GRI 404SDG 8
HR% of people trainedFull%67%GRI 404SDG 8
HRAverage training hours per
FullNumber2GRI 404SDG 8
Working conditions
HRNumber of people recruitedFullNumber378GRI 102SDG 8
HROf which % of female recruitedFull%19%GRI 405SDG 8
HRNumber of people promotedFullNumber62GRI 405SDG 8
HROf which % of female promotedFull%32%GRI 405SDG 8
HRNumber of reports under the
Safety program
FullNumber40GRI 403SDG 8
HRNumber of accidents (major)FullNumber0GRI 403SDG 8
HRAbsenteeism rate (average)Full%3%GRI 403SDG 8
HRFatality rateFull%0%GRI 403SDG 8
HRTurnover (average)Full%7%GRI 401SDG 8
EnvironmentNumber of spills/accidentsNumber0GRI 306SDG 12
EnvironmentQuantity of diesel consumedFullGallon50,469GRI 302SDG 13
EnvironmentQuantity of natural gas
FullKWH1,631,290GRI 302SDG 13
EnvironmentQuantity of electricity consumedFullKWH11,222,400GRI 302SDG 13
EnvironmentEnergy consumedFullKWh1,329,718GRI 302SDG 13
EnvironmentCarbon emissions
FullTones CO2
8.7GRI 305
SocialNumber of auditsFullNumber6SDG 7
SocialTax paidFullMMK
954.30GRI 203SDG 8
8.65GRI 203SDG 8
SocialNumber of people impactedFullNumber1000+GRI 203