The Proven Group is a leading Myanmar consortium of companies engaged in battery manufacturing, secondary lead smelting, plastic injection, and automotive-related products distribution.


  • To retain a leading position in Myanmar's lead-acid battery industry.
  • To aid in the growth of Myanmar's automobile assembly and manufacturing sectors, and to establish a regionally recognized Myanmar brand.


  • Customer Satisfaction and continual quality growth by the solution of success.
  • To become the top-selling battery brand in Myanmar automotive battery market.
  • To grow exports and establish itself as the market leader in the domestic market.
  • To establish a GROUP OF COMPANIES that provides good and related services to the energy storage sector.


Our values are the heart that powers us: Professional, Reliability, Open-Minded, Value Creation, Embrace Change, Novelty and Innovation. These values, recognized by our awards, are translated into day-to-day action and practical behavior through our group-wide policies and frameworks, creating a common culture of values that define Proven.

  • Professional                 :  To stand as an accountable and responsible                                                 Corporate with a high quality of performance.
  • Reliability                     :  To become a Corporate that can earn the trust and                                         confidence of the public and stakeholders.
  • Open-Minded                :  To continually promote innovation and to                                                    welcome new ideas.
  • Value Creation              :  To achieve mutually beneficial results from                                                  respective sectors in collaboration with                                                          wholesalers, retailers, shareholders and                                                          stakeholders.
  • Embrace Change           :  To build strength by consistently promoting                                                 positive change in all circumstances.
  • Novelty and Innovation :  To carry out the actions that can contribute the                                         society through innovative inventions.

"The Vision, Missions, and Values of the Proven Group of Companies were reviewed in the Board of Directors' Meeting convened in April 2022. The Proven Group of Companies will continue to adopt those statements until any further review in 2025."