Corporate Policies

Proven Group of Companies Policies

Employment Policy

PROVEN sets out our employment policy in accordance with ethics, rules and regulations. It includes acquiring and retaining highly productive work force, committing to set the occupational safety in the workplace, increasing productivity with quality healthcare provisions, providing welfare initiatives and incentives, ensuring safer & better future for the workers. PROVEN also complies with the National Labor Policy and guidance from International Labor Organization (ILO) in the case of assuring labor rights.

Equal opportunity

PROVEN is an equal employer to any persons regardless of their age, ethnicity, skin color, religion, sexual preference, citizenship status or disability. PROVEN also practises non-discriminatory measures in the workplace and comply with the national employment acts for labor employments.

Fair working Conditions

Regarding the wages and rights, PROVEN complies with the national standards ensuring fair and competitive wages and benefits for the employees. PROVEN provides the workplace equipped with the necessary occupational health and safety standards by following labor codes for fair working spaces.

Employment Privacy

PROVEN respects and protects the employees’ privacy by practising the existing laws, rules and regulations. PROVEN takes necessary measures from preventing the unauthorized use and collection of private information and privacy breaches.

Human Rights

PROVEN respects the human rights of the employees, business partners, clients and the public acting in accordance with Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and Myanmar Human Rights Commission. We also execute the following policies.

Our quality policy includes manufacturing our products in accordance with consumers’ needs and required standards, competing in the market with the fair pricing, importing raw materials used in the production timely and cost-effectively, complying with International Standard Organization (ISO) and Total Quality Management System (TQM) in the manufacturing process. Each step of the production process must satisfy the evaluation objectives of Quality Control personnel (QC).

PROVEN seeks to protect the environment by minimizing waste and energy use. We commit to attend industrial zones and environmental conservation meetings & workshops as part of our commitment to sustainable development.

For the purpose of preventing illegal acts, bribery and unethical measures, PROVEN has implemented and imposed the whistle blowing policy.

For the purpose of exposing the downturn in PROVEN’s growth momentum, and the prospect of deficiencies, PROVEN has implemented the sustainable management policy. Hence, it could act accordingly to the situation.

PROVEN’s financial report is prepared in accordance with International Financial Standards. The annual reports and meeting minutes are circulated among the shareholders. The annual activity report is distributed to the public by using modern information technology.

PROVEN complies with the anti-corruption law and set up countermeasures for preventing corruption within or outside of PROVEN. PROVEN will encourage the fair competition based on honesty.

PROVEN has implemented the Dividend Policy so that the annual general meeting could disburse the dividend payouts in accordance with the amount suggested by the board of directors.

The objective of the financial policy is to maximize the revenues, to spend accordingly with the regulations, to retain the fund from dissipation and to ensure the use of fund within the budget framework and duties. It was also for preventing the abuse and misappropriation of the fund for personal benefits either directly or indirectly from the authorized personnel.

Based on the corporate social responsibility and humanitarian mindset, PROVEN has enacted the Donation Policy to donate cash and materials for people and organizations in need without any strings attached.